Saturday, December 3, 2011

Playing Favorites

What are the songs that make you sing?

This month's GPP Street Team Art Journal challenge was to talk about the music on your play list, the songs that get you singing along in the car or the studio.

My answers are all buried in the journalling, along with more personal reflections on memory and what Playing Favorites means to me. Some of the many things I have trouble remembering are boxed to make them stand out. Musical notation including a staff, notes, rests and clefs are scrawled over the top of the journalling in a rainbow of colours.

Some of the music that came to mind was the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, and just about every Musical and Opera ever written. I'm just as likely to sing and hum along to symphonies and concertos as I am to the Messiah, Stevie Wonder and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Next month I have to challenge myself to work with ephemera and to change my colour palette.


michelle ward said...

Mitzi, There are so many layers of enthusiastic writing. I love that it looks like stream-of-consciousness, in the moment, thoughts about music and its meaning to you. Thanks for sharing your interpretation of the challenge.

teri said...

You have a very wide range of musical interests, Mitzi. I do too. I would have to count music as one of the most important aesthetics in my life.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is so cool. I love being able to almost read the layers.