Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Must Be A Gemini

My interests shift and change. Gardening got me through last summer,designing and making charity quilts and Judaica was my passion over the winter. And now I am obsessed by tables, couches and colour as we prepare to move to our new home. Our lifetime home. The house is beautiful and old with a rich history (fitting since one of the present owners is named Rich). I'm told that the house was originally built on spec for Lawren Harris I feel a responsibility to the house and to my family to make it lovely and welcoming.

A simple colour scheme, comfortable furniture, a hidy hole for each of us to do our thing. For the children it will be their bedrooms and a room in the basement. I won't call it a playroom because they are big 8 year olds and have gotten rid of most of their toys. Emily is even ready to give away her American Girl. I persuaded her to keep it for a while so she can have something to play with when her AG obsessed friends come over to play. The main amenity of their room will be a comfy couch to sit on while they wait for their (short) turn on the wii.

Eyal will have his study. I see glossy teal walls, antique furniture and a Persian rug. He sees a lighter palette. The drama unfolds.

My studio will be on the second floor. I have claimed a longish room on an E/W axis with windows on each end. Light will stream in throughout the day. A welcome change after my years spent in the basement. But what will I do in my studio? What will my new obsession be? Truthfully I feel a pull back to music.

Which leads me to another room entirely. The living room is going to be heavenly. A grand piano, beautiful sofa and chairs and French doors leading to the garden. The music studio may call me away from the crafting studio for the next while. That is after the "Extreme Makeover" has happened, of course.

I lie in bed making lists in my head - this carpet needs to be pulled up, these built ins have to come out and the walls need to be replastered (or is it drywalled?), wallpaper needs to come down in several rooms. Almost the whole house will be painted. OK, let's say the whole house for argument's sake.

But soon it will all be done and we will relax and be home. And then I will open myself up fo the new obsessions to begin.