Thursday, March 12, 2009

When is tired not just tired?

I had a lovely visit to the ER this morning. Note to self "9 am on a Thursday morning is an excellent time to visit the ER". I was in and out (with no diagnosis) by 10am. What it is not: contagious, life threatening, an allergic reaction. What it is: rashes, itching, swollen hands and feet, sore muscles and joints, tiredness, headaches, puffy face. So they've referred me to "Medicine" - I always find it hilarious when they tell you at the hospital that you need to be seen by Medicine. Isn't that why one goes to the hospital in the first place? While I wait for my appointment I'm encouraged to pop Tylenol and Benadryl for the symptoms and spend my spare time ruminating about what variation of autoimmune disease they're likely to test for. Hashimoto? Graves? Lupus? How fun is that!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tangential Thinking

Sometimes I get surfing and it takes me in new and interesting directions. Sometimes I make decisions based on these impromptu wanderings. Weeks or months later and can't fathom what took me there. One of those decisions took me to membership in SAQA. I'm pretty sure I joined up because I wanted my blog to be part of the SAQA webring. Why? Can't remember!

So far this membership is a mixed blessing. I'm loving the Journal - but then I'm a Textile Art Journal/magazine junkie. I love the information and encouragement. The scary part is self-identifying as an artist or Artist. I had just come to terms with calling myself an artisan. I even write that on forms under occupation sometimes, instead of SAHM which I find charming and yet somehow derogatory.

Artist has scary connotations of talent and vision that I'm not usually ready to embrace. What is the difference between a quilter and an Art quilter? What is the difference between an Art quilter and an Artist?

All these questions will be moot if I spend too much time surfing and blogging instead of working in my studio!