Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preparing Ourselves to Pray

Tomorrow is the first of June. While some people’s thoughts turn to summer and cocktails by the pool, mine are turning to the High Holidays.

As my thoughts turn to the Days of Awe my breath quiets and deepens. The ancient melodies of High Holiday chants and the Kol Nidre start intruding on my thoughts.

So many of my students first came to me because they worried that they would not be able to sing along with the prayers at Synagogue or another worship setting. They wish they were brave enough to sing in a choir, to shout out their feelings of joy or frustration at a march, to sing anywhere but alone in the car.

I’m here to help.

I don’t believe you should “Sing like no-one is listening”.

You have a beautiful voice. 

No-one sings like you do.

Your song deserves to be heard. No-one else can sing your song.

Quiet your breath, open your mouth and sing.

Mitzi Zohar, Toronto
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