Friday, April 8, 2011


Dearest Mitzi -

Why have you abandoned me? So many memories... shopping together, walks along Bloor street - it's almost spring, and we were going to see the cherry blossoms in High Park together, remember?

And yet, here I am, all alone at the Green Beanery.

Why, Mitzi? Why?

Forever yours,
Your purse.

Dearest Purse,

It's not you, it's me. I just needed less baggage in my life. But the prospect of cherry blossoms and long walks together compels me to race back to you, I will see you soon my dear. Wait for me at the counter at the Green Bean. I shall pick you up later this evening.

Missing you,


P.S. Thanks to the kind barista for being such a gentleman.

When I showed up at the Green Beanery I was delighted to discover that I knew my purse's Ghost Writer from Toronto School of Circus Arts. Thanks Mark!

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Journal Quilt #1

Today I have been working with the idea of a Journal Quilt. I tore up some 12ish inch squares of the bedsheet I wanted to use up, taped one of the squares to my artist's clip board and started writing on it with a sepia Sharpie. As I journalled about anything and everything that passed through my mind I worried that if I turned this piece of fabric into an artwork people would be able to read and judge these private thoughts. I've always wondered what to do with those morning pages that Julia Cameron exhorts us to write in The Artist's Way. I hate throwing things out without at least trying to find a way to repurpose them, and I hate the idea of someone reading my train of thought jottings. I started to work on obscuring the words by adding layers of writing on top of each other. At the sewing machine I quilted lines through the writing, further obscuring it.

This piece will be donated to my nieces' annual lemon aid stand:

Jaime and Alexandra's 3rd Annual Lemonade and Recycled Art Show

Save the Date!
Sunday, June 5, 2011
Woburn Park
(come rain or come hailstorm)

It will be auctioned off as part of their family's annual fundraising initiative. The proceeds from this year's stand will go towards bringing the opportunity to make Art to at risk youth, and the theme my nieces and sister in law have chosen for the stand is making Art using recycled goods.

Is it finished? Does it need to be bound? Or shall I find some other way of hanging it? I'm even considering using clothespins to attach it to a line like a Buddhist prayer flag. I could let the wind blow my cares right off this little quilt and off into the universe.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to Quilt

I've finished the machine applique (using a zigzag and decorative thread to attach the motifs to the background fabric) and I've made the quilt sandwich (layering a top, a batting and a backing) and my little quilt is ready for quilting.

Let the terror begin. For some reason I have more or less completely given over the responsibility (and the pleasure) of this step to my professional quilting friends Deb and Sandy for the last few years. Too many broken needles, broken threads, jammed machines, (did I say broken needles?) and creative missteps have led me to mistrust my ability to do this most basic part of the quilting process. I mean, how can I in good conscience call myself a quilter if I don't 'quilt'?

When making something this small, and when making something with an Artistic inspiration, I guess I really don't have a choice but to quilt it myself.

Speaking of choice: How will I quilt it?

Will I echo or outline the flower and vase motifs? Make shadow tulips or continue the journalling with thread play?

It's time to set up the machine for quilting, do a little practising on a mini sandwich and let the playtime begin!

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