Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to Quilt

I've finished the machine applique (using a zigzag and decorative thread to attach the motifs to the background fabric) and I've made the quilt sandwich (layering a top, a batting and a backing) and my little quilt is ready for quilting.

Let the terror begin. For some reason I have more or less completely given over the responsibility (and the pleasure) of this step to my professional quilting friends Deb and Sandy for the last few years. Too many broken needles, broken threads, jammed machines, (did I say broken needles?) and creative missteps have led me to mistrust my ability to do this most basic part of the quilting process. I mean, how can I in good conscience call myself a quilter if I don't 'quilt'?

When making something this small, and when making something with an Artistic inspiration, I guess I really don't have a choice but to quilt it myself.

Speaking of choice: How will I quilt it?

Will I echo or outline the flower and vase motifs? Make shadow tulips or continue the journalling with thread play?

It's time to set up the machine for quilting, do a little practising on a mini sandwich and let the playtime begin!

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