Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stuffed Shirts

You'll never hear me complain about having my husband underfoot. I dread the day his business gets too big to run from his home office. Our days are spent working quietly in our own spaces, coming together periodically to walk the dog, cook a meal together, edit and comment upon each other's work.

These dress shirt pillows from Country Living are just so cute I had to try making my own. Fortunately my husband works at home and isn't too attached to all those dress shirt he used to have to wear every day so I grabbed one out of the Goodwill bag to experiment on.

I thought I was making the pillow for the couch in his home office, so I left the pocket on in case I ever wanted to tuck a love note for him into it. 

Ever the Soccer fan when I had finished the pillow I found him in the Family Room with his Dad and the kids trying to find El Classico on TV. 
Ever the Techy as soon as he saw the pocket on the pillow he stuck the TV and Apple TV convertors in the pocket. 
Ever the Entrepreneur he wanted me to jump in the car to Goodwill, buy all the dress shirts and start up production. 
Watch for these pillow covers in my Etsy store some time soon! 
Disclaimer: The photograph at the top of this post is from Country Living by way of Pinterest. Learning to photograph my work is on my to do list.

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