Tuesday, January 6, 2009

David S. Avert Your Gaze

Your quilt is ready and (almost) on its way. David is an old friend, colleague and travel buddy who was kind enough to sign up to be one of the first followers of this blog. He asked me to make a quilt that made me think of him. I answered that the best I could do was to think of him 'while' I made the quilt and maybe when he got it it would make him think of me! He accused me of taking the easy way out!

I used up scraps from my black and white challenge quilt and added some Christmas fabric I received at our Guild Christmas party.

So David Think of me
think of me fondly, when
you get your quilt
remember me
once in a while, please
promise me no guilt

We never said
our love for Mickey was
as unchanging as the sea
but please promise me,
that sometimes
you will think of me

1 comment:

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Oh how I love Phantom of the Opera...and the quilt of course!