Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend in the Life

Emily is sitting cross legged on her bed writing a story. She is using the lap desk that Sharon gave her (how many years ago?). Zachary is in his bedroom reading his Geronimo Stilton library book. "Mam, I need your help." I go to his room to explain what 'taunting' means. I'm curled up against the headboard. Coley (my thirteen year old Black Lab) has his head on my thigh. "Mama, how do you spell "How". How do you spell "Here"". I can't wait to read her story. It's the second one she's written this weekend.

The children have had a tremendous weekend.

Writing Stories (Zach for school, Emily for fun)
Revising Schoolwork
Playing 'baby monsters' with all the stuffies, the American Girl bed and the AG tent under the piano
Dance class
Soccer Skills (if only we could persuade Emily to participate - she's a natural)
Hebrew School
Lunch at 'Jerusalem'
Visiting Grandad
Pink Panther II (Eyal and the kids all gave it a Zero. Zach said "There was no funniness!")
Practicing Piano
Watching t.v.
Playing on the wii
Playing with their cousins

How would they answer the question "What did you do this weekend?"?

I was absent for much of the weekend, although it didn't feel that way since I stage managed so much of the children's activities.

Yesterday I took an all day (at least a couple of hours too long) Yoga workshop with Andy Orr to learn how to develop a home practice. Today I did my practice as soon as I woke up (after a crazy 11 hours of sleep). Had a lovely breakfast with Eyal and Pain Perdu after dropping the kids at school, blogged, went to my Yoga enrichment class where we discussed the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, had lunch with Eyal and the kids and went to visit my Dad, and finally had a three hour rehearsal of "Four Strong Winds" before returning home to a couple fo hours of homework, practicing, making dinner and an extended bedtime. And this is supposed to be the weekend!

I told Eyal today that our life is perfect (except for all the clutter).

I've sung the Sh'ma to Zachary. I'm waiting for Emily to finish writing and then I'm going downstairs to watch the Oscars with Eyal.

Slumdog Millionaire Rocks OK!

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Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Looks like you had the perfect weekend! Good luck on the yoga!