Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Compost Bin

The compost bin is filling up nicely. Last year was our first year of composting and the mix didn't ever get really hot. I'm hoping to create a better mix this year. Almost all of our kitchen scraps and all the bits and pieces of last year's garden have gone in so far. We've already almost completely eliminated our need to take our green bin to the curb. The only thing that still goes in there is pet waste and any fatty or meat based scraps.

The bin is still empty enough that it's easy to turn. I wonder what to do when it gets practically immovable like last year's was. I'd hate to have to have two bins on the go, but not as much as I hate having to throw things out! I've been wondering what else we could put into the bin to save it from going to the curb. Let's start with the paper egg cartons from the five dozen eggs I'm making for the seders! It seems I could even put in all those teeny tiny fabric scraps from my quilting projects if I wasn't going to use them to stuff doggies beds. There are lots of great lists online of little know compostables. Here's one and here's another.

Happy Composting!

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