Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Darling Buds of April

No fooling! My garden has started to wake up. I'm loath to call what it just endured a nap. I wouldn't want to nap with three feet of snow on my head! Although I'm sure that that nice heavy blanket of snow was excellent insulation through the colder winter days. I always feel sorry for those first buds. I just know they are going to get frozen and thawed a bunch of times between now and that magical last frost day sometime towards the end of May.

My Aunt Ursula moved to a retirement complex in Hingham south of Boston last year. Even in June of her first season there her garden was spectacular! And she tells me she doesn't even get started in her garden until the end of May. How does she do it!!??

I've been struggling with this yard for six years now, and it's coming slowly, slowly. Part of the problem is that I've never really committed to being in this house for the long term (again I need to think what Ursula manages to accomplish in a couple of months).

It's so hard not to over do it in the garden this time of year. I think that's the true meaning of April Fool's Day! You think it's time to play in the garden, when it's really six weeks away still!!

I couldn't resist spending some time in the yard today though. I threw a bunch of stuff in the rolling compost bin I bought from Lee Valley Tools last year: the remains of last year's vegetable container garden, the kitchen scraps, some leaves. Tidied up miscellaneous balls and kids' toys that were scattered about the yard. And searched for the first signs of new life.

Welcome Spring!

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