Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tiny Riders

I got to accompany Emily's class to the Royal Winter Fair today. It was such a pleasure to revisit the same cheesy, or should I say "buttery" favorites that I've been returning to for as long as I can remember.

The high point for Emily was finding out that there are stables in the Toronto area that will take eager riders as young as seven! Up until now she thought she wouldn't be able to start lessons until she turns nine (the youngest age you can start at Sunnybrook or the Horse Palace).

Emily is as bad as her mother when it comes to taking on a new interest. She wants to find out all about it and experience it now!! I've already signed her and Zachary up for lessons starting this Sunday. Believe me, I would have heard about it from her if I had put it off for a minute longer.

She is so aware of her petite stature that she immediately began wondering whether she would be able to get boots and breeches in her size. Cue a research/shopping trip to Greenhawk and Repeat Rider. Success!! Not only did they have her sizes, they had them on sale!!

What a difference a few years makes. The twins are still tiny for their age, but it's nothing compared to when they first started skating lessons. Their feet were so small that we had to put slippers on them before they put on their Size 8 skates (the smallest on the market). I sure wish we had taken pictures!!

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maggi said...

Hi Mitzi, found you through TQS although you might want to amend your link to here. You have put '@' instead of '.' Love Rachel's Beauty quilt, the colours and design are great. Maggi (TQS margaret5368)