Friday, November 14, 2008

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make Do or Do Without

Ya, like I'm going to live by that one! I have been on a bit of a fabric diet lately though. I haven't started any projects that require new fabric for the last few weeks. And I'm finding that I'm actually being pretty productive.

I'm taking a beautiful top that came out of this resolution to Sandy Lindal to quilt today. I made a split nine-patch using mainly batiks and fossil ferns from my stash. I did give in and buy a gorgeous batik to back it in from Sew Sisters. I will post a picture as soon as I get the quilt back from Sandy.

Working through my stack of UFOs I have a couple more quilts that I can give to Sandy to quilt:

1. a Laurel Burch panel that I surrounded with One Block Wonder hexagons - I'm going to buy another back from Sew Sisters today (tsk tsk)

2. my interpretation of Kaffe Fassett's leafy rosy quilt that I might be able to finish piecing today (if I ever get off the computer)

I also have a couple that are in the middle of being quilted or are ready to quilt:

3. a bright, pretty baby blanket that's half quilted

4. an applique table runner/wall-hanging that's layered but that I've been nervous to start quilting

I found some items that are further from completion:

5. an octagonal One Block Wonder that I started cutting and piecing without fully reading and understanding the instructions. Not recommended, and very frustrating to recover from. I'm not convinced that all the time and effort will turn out to have been worth it. But I do intend to get it pieced and quilted, and show the picture to prove it!

6. a pretty pink lone star that I decided to start making without ever reading a pattern. We'll see how that one turns out lol

7. the finished applique from the Renske Helmuth workshop I took. I need to finish the moss and decide if I'm going to add the sashiko border that she taught us how to do.
And even further from completion:

8. A bunch of triangles and circles that I've been coming back to for years in hopes of making a Circle Play quilt.

And I'm starting to design:

9. a wall hanging for my cousin's son Shlomo in honour of his upcoming Bar Mitzvah.

Okay, that's my to-do list for the rest of 2008!!

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