Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing with Instagram

This morning as I shared a midmorning coffee with Eyal my eye drifted around the back patio of one of our favorite cafes. We had the place to ourselves. I jumped up from the table several times to take a quick photo of some of the artfully decaying items Ezra has used to decorate his space. I was particularly enchanted by the way the light filtered through the summer leaves, giving everything a greenish tint.

Paint peeling off of an old half door

A photo of this door's 'better half' is on Eyal's Instagram @markzohar. I'll retrieve it one of these days.

The view of the patio through a rusting wrought iron patio chair

A rusty pipe

These photos, which glowed so artfully on my iPhone and in my mind's eye have lost some of the clarity that I thought they had now that I see them on the big screen.

No matter.

The memory of the latte, the blueberry muffin and the warm dappled green summer shade that I shared with my sweetheart on the back patio of Ezra's Pound remain crystal clear.

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