Friday, July 6, 2012

What do I blog about?

I was recently contacted by a company that matches brands with bloggers. A number of bloggers I follow write very entertaining product and book reviews and it's a service I've been wanting to add to my blog so I was pleased to go to their site to fill out a "two minute" application. The two minutes dragged into what seemed like two hours as I attempted to retrieve all the information they requested, the URLs for my entire web presence and my PayPal account.

The question that made me think the hardest was "What do you blog about?"

 Well, faithful readers will know that I blog about whatever catches my fancy. This is not so helpful when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for Social Media Chimps to match me with prospective brands but it makes it fun for me. I am able to document my interests and my creative projects as they arise and move on to the next thing.

The Five Topics I chose to identify today would probably have been different a week ago and will likely change in a week, or a month or a year. If I remember correctly I said that I blog about Quilting, Singing, Homemaking, Vegan and ...

What was the Fifth Topic? Family? Crafts? Judaism? Organizing? Social Media? Health? Yoga? Community?

It could have been any of the above and I honestly don't remember which one I chose. Maybe they'll let me submit another form with another Five Topics? Maybe I'll start writing a whole bunch of specialized blogs. I'm sure that would be a better way of attracting readers, advertisers and brand sponsorship but I don't think it would properly represent the quilt that is my life.

Source: via Mitzi on Pinterest

My personality, my life and my interests are like the patches of a quilt. They are of all different colours and textures, shapes and sizes, acquired over the years, sewn together to make something more than the sum of their parts. The quilting is formed by my daily experiences. All the running around, the quiet contemplation and the interaction with my friends and family go into the making of this quilt. It's a utility quilt that's made to be used, and laundered, stepped on and cuddled. Take a part out and it will unravel, returning to nothing but a heap of scraps.

So for now I will continue to explore the disparate threads that make up my life and continue to trust that readers will find me if my words touch a chord.

If you do drop by I would love to hear from you about anything that I write about or anything that you feel makes you who you are.

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