Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Raging Storm

A few days ago I put some random brush strokes on a page and glued a strip of paper to the side. Today I picked up pencil and pens and let the brush strokes talk to me. A Poseidon-like creature formed in the upper left corner blowing wind and waves and rain to churn up everything else on the page. I journalled about how the weather and the election are conspiring to churn up my psyche.

A few days ago a storm raged along the Eastern United States leaving destruction in its wake. All we could do up here in Canada was stay glued to Twitter and CNN and hope for the best.

A presidential campaign is raging to the South of us now and we are hoping that it will not leave destruction in its wake too. All we can do up here in Canada is stay glued to Twitter and CNN and hope for the best.

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Mary Walker Designs said...

It's interesting to me that being in another country you would still take great interest in our news. Your painting has definately captured what I'm feeling living here in NJ.

Anonymous said...

You really have captured the feeling of the two storms in a beautiful way.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I think you captured the chaos really well here... looks as chaotic and wild as the storm was...xx