Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I have had so many wonderful distractions today from women in my life who have been such inspirations to me.

First I received a shout out from my cousin Nomi in Israel who wanted to let me know she had mentioned me in her blog.

1. I didn't know she had a blog. 2. Can you believe how similar our profile pictures are? We both like to represent ourselves to the world with a great big smile. (My picture was taken by 7 year old son Zachary and, even though Eyal and Emily want me to change it, I like it and it's going to stay for a while!) 3. What a coincidence that we are both blogging about the family name.

As you will be able to tell if you spend any time at all at her blog Nomi is a poet and joyous spirit who not only finds beauty in all she surveys but adds beauty to the lives of those who are lucky enough to encounter her.

Second I've had Eyal's iTunes blasting at me all day. So far I have had the pleasure of listening to Sephardic Romance, Adele who rocked the house and who I thought was Amy Winehouse, and the awesome Adrianne Pieczonka with whom I was lucky enough to be in Undergrad at University of Western Ontario. What a morning of music!!

And lastly I received this beautiful card from my amazingly talented SIL (sister in law) Jackie. This is a woman who plans ahead. She had all her handmade cards ready to go before leaving for a sabbatical year in Europe last September! I imagine it's the view from her cottage. I wonder if next year's card will be the view from her home away from home in Provence? Thank you for this perfect addition to my Holiday display.

Greetings to and from my far flung family at this holiday season. I miss you.

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