Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What do yoga and quilting have in common?

I've been meaning to write a post about this for the longest time. It's the thought that passes through my mind at least twice a week as I tear myself away from my sewing to "hit the mat".

This morning I was rushing to get the 'C' blocks for my Black, White and Blue "Completely Dotty" quilt done before running out to class. I was congratulating myself for the flexible approach I was taking to the paper piecing. After all the pattern does enjoin you to vary the angles and widths a bit. As it turned out I gave myself too much leeway and ended up with 15 or so ugly blocks! And then I had to leave.

At the beginning of yoga class there is an opportunity to get calmed and centred. It's a time to open yourself up to the work you are about to do and to empty your mind of the stresses you brought into class with you.

Within moments of taking the starting relaxation position this morning a clear voice in my head said "When you get home rip out what you fudged this morning and redo the blocks."

David Foster
was quoted in the paper the other day "there's a saying people use all the time in the studio that I don't allow. 'It doesn't bother me.'" He strives for excellence every moment that he is in the studio, I can strive for excellence every moment I'm in my sewing studio.

My teacher Marlene Mawhinney tells us that her guru B.K.S. Iyengar is particularly tough on the students who show tremendous flexibility. Sometimes we can achieve the most in yoga by binding ourselves. By limiting the flexibility of our bodies we can gain perfect alignment.

By sewing a perfect scant quarter inch seam, by following a pattern correctly the first time, by limiting the opportunities I give myself to live with my mistakes maybe I can let my imagination take flight and make quilts I can be proud of.

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Jen r. said...

I always find I think bet when I am creating as well :) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a saucy comment!