Friday, December 5, 2008

Scenecaster gets some fresh Voice Talent

Well, I'm pleased to say that the family business finally put me to some good work today. Up until now the voice of Scenecaster has been beautifully provided by Farrah, one of the company's staff members. It was decided that for the voice over of the "Virtual Stores" promotion it would be better to use a "more mature" voice.

I had a blast hanging out in the offices this morning. I recorded a number of takes of each sentence into a laptop based recorder and then worked with Michael the creative director to try to get just the inflection he was after. I'm really impressed by how he has timed each sentence to correspond to the Scenecaster Virtual Stores movie.

A whole new career? Somehow I doubt it. But it's a total pleasure to be able to use my experience in acting, singing and news reading to help the company.

1 comment:

Michael Sanders said...

Does this count as credits towards your Actor's Union membership?

Thanks very much for your help today, Mitzi! You do realize that we have to update these movies every month or so, right?