Thursday, December 11, 2008

Waste Not Want Not

In the spirit of waste not want not I have figured out a way to make two Chai quilts from two 10 inch cuts of contrasting fabric and one half yard of flannel! I was so determined to work this out that I had to include the selvage of one end in my calculations, but don't worry, the selvage won't make it into your finished quilt.


Press your contrasting fabrics open and layer them right sides up on your cutting table. Remove the selvage from one end, being careful to cut off as little of the fabric as possible. Cut the fabric down the middle making two layered five inch strips.

*Make a 2.5 inch cut including the selvage from one of your five inch strips.*
From this piece cut two 2.5 inch squares (Since you are layering your two fabrics you will have 4 contrasting 2.5 inch squares at this point). Cut eight 5 inch squares from the rest of this strip, fudging slightly if you do not have a full 40 inches to work with.

Cut one five inch square from the second strip. Cut the rest of the strip lengthwise down the middle to make two 2.5 inch strips. Cut two 18 inch pieces, two 14 inch pieces and four 2.5 inch squares from these strips.

Cut the half yard of flannel into two 18 inch squares.

You now have all the pieces needed to make two Chai Quilts - one 'positive' and one 'negative'.

Piece and layer your Chai Quilts in the same manner as on the instruction page, being careful to place the selvage edge of the 2.5 inch squares towards the outside of the block where it will be trimmed off before pressing. Unfortunately the measurements of the quilts will be 18 inches 'unfinished' but it's the thought that counts!

Let me know how this works for you.

When you post pictures you might want to add a picture of the minimal amount of fabric you have left over!

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