Thursday, December 11, 2008

Star of David Quilt Instructions

Materials needed to make this easy Jewish Preemie Quilt.

one fat quarter of light fabric
one fat quarter of medium fabric
one 18.5 inch square of flannel
sewing machine or hand sewing materials

from one fat quarter cut 9 5 inch squares
from the other fat quarter cut 2 18.5 inch by 3 inch strips, 2 14 by 3 inch strips, and 6 2.5 inch squares

Sew the 2.5 inch squares to one corner of four of the blocks, stitching on the diagonal. Sew two 2.5 inch blocks to kitty corners of one of the block. Trim and press these blocks to the darker fabric.

Piece your nine patch to make a Magen David and add the borders using a scant quarter inch seam. You've made an 18.5 inch block!

Layer the two 18.5 inch blocks right sides together and sew all around the edges with a quarter inch seam, leaving two or three inches for turning. Trim the corners, turn your pillowcase, turn the edges under where you left it open to turn, and sew another quarter inch seam all the way around the outside.

Minimal quilting is required. Just outline the star or stitch in the ditch around the border.

Congratulations! You've made an 18 inch preemie quilt. Mazel Tov! Now all you need to do is donate it to your nearest NICU!

Please let me know if you use this pattern and if you run into any difficulties. I'm new at this pattern writing game.

You can post pictures of your finished quilts at Flickr.



lani said...

Mitzi if I knew how to read a blog I would have seen these instructions the first time....and when ever I read your blog it is like looking in the mirror we both must have gifts from god for husband welcome to the clutter club ......XO Lani

Miri said...

i really like this, i might make it. do you have a picture of the finished quilt?

Pais Charos said...

Great pattern! I just finished making two of these for a friend.

Mitzi Zohar said...

Pais, they're just beautiful! Thanks so much for posting.